Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sad News

Unfortunately this baby wasn't to be. Experienced a small amount of bleeding on Friday, it slowly increased over the weekend. On Tuesday decided to get it checked out and go to A&E. Col babysat while John and I went it. They checked my blood then sent me home with a scan appointment for the following day.
Wednesday had the scan and was told that there was no baby. Apparently it happened very early on in the pregnancy and there was not a think I could have done differently. Naturally, we all were very upset and shocked. We were given a few options, I decided to let my body sort it out rather than pills and operations. Have a scan booked in for the 8th Feb to make sure everything has gone back to normal.
Mum was babysitting James. John rang dad and told him. Dad went to see Grandma and told her. Mum stayed until James had his dinner. We decided to go and see Col because Peter had gone to India and she would be on her own. Dad met us at Cols and after a few tears we went to the pub for a bit to eat. It was OK. Took our mind off things and James was entertained by Marley. Got back at 7:30. I rang Katie and told her. John rang his mum.
Had bad cramps today all morning, but by dinner time things seems to have calmed down. I pleased it hasn't taken very long. Hopefully the worse is over. Still teary but James is keeping us busy and John is doing a very good job of looking after me, but I think he needs looking after too. x

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