Thursday, November 01, 2012

New car

Lots of excitement going on in the Metcalf/Dennis household at the moment. Not only is the pregnancy going well and everything seem fine. We have also but an offer on a new house and it has been accepted. I have started to get things packed away which we don't use. I didn't realise we have accumulated so much stuff. It is all John rubbish. This is a nearly 40 year old who still have a box a gaming cards and a Womble  pillow case he is weirdly attached too. Hopefully James will inherit my if I have seen it/ worn it for 2 years I don't need it attitude. As well as all this, last weekend John, James and I have purchased a new, to me, car. Gone is the Ford fiesta. Which did a great job of ferrying us all around and taking us on mini adventures. Hello mum bus Citroen Picasso. Had a bit of a farce getting it taxed, as it was registered as disabled. Had to go to Peterborough to the DVLA office to sort it out. We have also found a few faults since having it. The indicator stalk is broken, every time I indicate it flashes about 4 times stops and turns the headlight on. It is ok if I drive with the headlights on all the time. Going to the garage next week to sort it out. Also the speedo bulb need changing, as I can't see what speed I'm doing.

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