Thursday, November 01, 2012

Week 7/8

I have been so poorly these last few weeks. Last week I thought It was morning sickness but I now think I have a bug, I spend most of the week in bed. James has been living off fishfingers and beans because of it. On Saturda ywe decided we would go to the hospital and get them to check that everything is OK. I have been so worried about thinks going wrong. Mum babysat Saturday afternoon while John and I went to the hospital, they did a blood test to check the HGC levels which thankfully were ok. I was reassured, they also booked me for a scan on Monday.
Dad babysat on Monday. The scan went well. There is definitely a baby and it has a heart beat. So things are looking good. I feel a lot more relaxed (or I would be if I didn't feel so sick). So far only Mum and Dad know. We are going to John's mums on Sunday to tell them. Trying to keep it quiet until we have been to Bristol because as I can't drink I might as well try and trick everyone.

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