Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Not so good.

Not a great day today. Feeling quite low again. I helps me write things down here. I don't think I will every post these post though. Just here for my own outlet. Still sleeping poorly. John asked me to get up about 9:15 I wish he hadn't. I had an awful headache and James was screaming in his high chair while eating his breakfast. All I wanted to do was sleep and think.
I just want sometime on my own. I wanted to go into town this afternoon, but John was wanting to get some balloons ordered and I felt bad because him looking after James wouldn't allow him to do that. Then he wanted us all to go to B and Q. I just wanted to go and have a quiet coffee and a look round the shops.
I'm bored with the routine things. I get up, feed James, change him, dress him. Then we play or I watch him until nap time 10:30 then he get up and I change him and start dinner, forward by clearing up. Then more play/watching TV, then nap at 3:30. Forward by me cooking tea and feeding him, changing him, PJs on and a quick play before he goes to bed. Then it is telly on. That is my day and it has been for weeks. I'm so fed up. John does help tidy, wash up, washing clothes. But he thinks I just sit in the other room and watch TV. He doesn't seem to play with him as much now. Just sits on his computer and moans about how much he hasn't been able to do.

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