Thursday, February 09, 2012


Have had a bit better day to day. Spent some time this morning while James was having his morning nap to make some piece of jewellery using my microwave kiln. The other day I order a new glass cutter because the one I have is poor and I end up with lots of waste uneven glass. This is a Toyo make and is super, very easy to use. So I had a nice time playing with that and some glass I ordered. Made 2 pendants. After dinner John and I took James to the park on the swings, not for long as it was cold and started to snow. Than we got ours selves warm through with cake and tea. John wandered off home while James and I looked round the shops. James fell asleep in Boots. I only bought a new plastic mat to go under James high chair to catch all his food he throws.

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