Friday, August 17, 2012

Yet another post I can't post yet.



My first thought is, this we be yet another Christmas that I can't drink and crap yesterday I ate scampi and drank a glass of cider.

Today I went to see Holly on the way there I felt a little queasy which got me thinking, then it happened on the way home as well. So I popped into Asda and got a test and because I needed the loo did it there and then, due the fact there was a queue I stuffed the test in my bag and didn't look at it until I got to the car, there was a faint line.

When I got home John and James were waving from the front garden so I told them then and we all had a group hug and kisses.

It has all come as a bit of a surprise. Tomorrow is the due date and so I'm a bit weepy. We are not sure went we are going to tell everyone so it is our secret at the moment.

Also we have put an offer on a house, so fingers crossed we will soon have a new home.

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