Monday, August 06, 2012

Catching up

It has been a while since I have posted.

2 weekends again we had a big night out. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday. We were going to go out but it got cancelled which was find because I wanted to watch the Olympic opening. Caught bits of it while Ros and I caught up on the news and had tea.
Saturday we all went to Heckington show. It was good. Col and Marley came with us. There was a lot there. It was a shame we had to leave early because they have bands and fireworks in the evening. James and Marley went on a mini train ride. Marley had a dance to medieval music. We dropped James off at mums for the night then headed home to get ready.
Vic, Hol and Gill turned up about 7 and we started with cocktails and Pimms. Yummy. Taxi arrived at 9 to get us to Skeg. We did it like to old days. Weatherspoons, shades (or whatever it is called now) LA cafe, after that things get hazy. I know I let everyone else to go on the beach to build sandcastles. I met them at the taxi pick up. It was a good night I think everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was feeling a little delicate on Sunday Ros and Hol especially. Everyone managed to eat Sunday dinner. Mum dropped James back and she joined us for dinner. After everyone had gone Ros, John, James and I went to see Col. We went to the pub and had tea. James and Marley played nicely until 2 special girls turned up and we had to keep a better eye on them as they were picking the boys up.
Ros left Monday after dinner. It was really nice to catch up. Looking forward to going to Bristol and the end of next month.

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