Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Yesterday was MOT day. Booked in first thing in the morning waited while they did it. Got a big fat fail. Luckily it was not about to blow up and all it need was some welding (he could put his hand through the hold in the sill) and a new tyre. Took it down to get them sorted today, walked the 2 miles back home, quite pleased with myself because I don't do walking. John was pleased I was back because he has been ill all day today. Mum called round for a coffee decided we are going to go to Bath for a few days toward to end of the year.
Picked the car up about 3:30 this time I took the bus. Took me ages to work out which bus I needed, only cost £1.05 bargain.
I think I have had my first conversation with James today. I went like this.

James: Gone (looking out of the window).
Me: Whats' gone?
James: Cat.

Normally talking to him it like talking to a dog, there is a mild curiosity as to what you are stay and then he wanders off babbling to himself distracted.
We were in the garden after dinner. He was watching the pigeons, so I went and got a slice of bread to feed them. Unfortunately for the pigeons James took the bread off me and ate it.

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