Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach again

Wow!! What a change in the weather from last week. Last week we attempted at take James to the beach, but due to the cold, wind and losing wellies it was a a bit of disaster apart from the donuts. So today the plan we to go to Skeg, with the idea of going to the fairy dell.
We went to Dads first and have a lovely meal at Batemans. Unfortunately, it had no water in it. So we went on the beach. James loved it. We didn't get to the sea because he was so happy playing in little puddles, wet sand and throwing stones. We were trying to get him to walk toward the pier but we couldn't shift him. Eventually, with many stops we get to the pier and had an ice cream.
There use to be a mini fairy dell the other side of the pier, so had a walk up there, but it had gone and replace by a lovely play area, so stopped there and James had a little play. I didn't go on the side this time because of what happen yesterday.

Yesterday, Hol and Vic can down for lunch. We went to the Witham and Blue at Landrick. It was OK nothing special. Outside there was a play area. James wanted to go on the side and as it was quite high I went up with him. Hol caught him at the bottom. After a while Hol and I got fed up lifting him up and sliding him down. So I put him on my knee to slide myself and him down. Unfortunately, my skirt got caught up on the side edge. So, I'm sat there hanging on to James, my body wants to conform to gravity and go down the slide. Slowly, my skirt begins to ride up and I start to slide to a bit, then stop. Hol and Vic are laughing, I'm trying to stop myself from flashing everyone and keep James from falling off and at the same time trying to wiggle my bum upward and unhook my skirt. Then I hear ripping, I yell at Hol to grab James, she take him off me, now all I have to do it deify gravity and push myself upwards. Now just before I got on the slide I put suntan lotion on James. So my hands are very oily and I can not get a grip. The only way I manage it is by pushing up with my leg, flashing everyone and humping my bottom backwards. I unhook my skirt and slide down as gracefully as I can. Not only am I very embarrassed, I also have a big hole in my skirt. 

While in Skeg we also had donuts, then headed home.


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