Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well we have been in about a 2 weeks. It still feels as if we are living someone else's house and it takes a moment to work out which room I need. I'm also not just to having so many doors in a house and they are doors which work and shut correctly. It feels like we are living in luxury, we have hot running water, which we didn't have before unless we put the tank on, after 5 years of washing our hands in cold water it is bliss. We also have a garage, extra bedroom, dish washer and a lovely large dining area. James was a little unsettled with the move. I think it was because we kept having to go back to Boston to clear out the rest of the stuff. He looked in all the kitchen cupboards saying gone gone gone in a little sad voice. He also came running into the bedroom and stopped mid flow and look very confused and sad. Since the moved we have had a few rough nights where he wouldn't settle and if he woke up I think he was confused and took ages to calm down. He has also been a little mardy in the morning again due to the surprise of being somewhere different.
Managed to get the Christmas shopping finished today, I went into Boston and had a facial and eyebrow wax and did a little shopping. Now I give up, everyone has got at least one gift so that will do. Going to enjoy the run up to Christmas now and chill out.
James and I ventured in to the local community last Saturday. We visited a local church group who had put on a childrens Christmas activity morning. It was really pleasant and everyone was very friendly. We have been invited to tea and toast with them on Friday. We also had a trip to see Santa at Heckington windmill. James was slightly wary of Father Christmas and the only thing he said to him was 'clock' and 'tick tock'. He did however enjoy the windmill.
Had the second scan last weeks., baby looks fine, I have to have a 3rd scan nearer the due date but we will panic about that at a later date.

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