Monday, October 15, 2012

Catch up

When we have had a busy time.

Last week we went on holiday to Torquay. Had a lovely time but it rained most of the holiday, apart from the first day when we all headed for the beach and had a paddle and cream tea. Ros joined us for the first half of the week. While she was there we painted a pot, visited Torquay, Paignton. We also when Teignmonth and got a river ferry across to Seaton and found a secret tunnel to a cove.

John, James and I went on the South Devon Railway. James really enjoyed it and was always looking out of the window. We also saw otter and butterfly's. James thought the otters were bears. This is because the day before we visited Kent caverns and there was a model of a bear after that everything was bears. James wasn't keen on Kent caverns, he moaned all the way round. James loved the caravan. He had the double bed to himself, while John and I had the pull out bed. He was a bit of a party animal and stopped up till late. He loved the arcades and was desperate to go the them all the time. All holiday he said doddles. It took us to the last day to work out that it was the pirate sit on the ride machine. It played a pirate tune and it sounded like doddles. He also found he could sit in the cupboards and the fridge which he did all holiday.


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