Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Part 3


A few weeks before James turn one we had his first tottering steps. Up until this weekend, there hasn't been much happening with his walking, and prefers to crawl one one knee dragging his other leg behind him, he does this because it leaves a hand free to carry things. John and I have left him to it thinking he will get there in the end.
Ros came on Friday evening and James seemed to forgot his nerves in all the excitement at seeing her again and started walking across the room. He was showing off a lot that evening, giggling and ginning like mad. He is defiantly going to be a charmer when he is older.
Saturday he walked in the morning while we were getting ready to go to Burghley. He didn't walk much at Burghley but we were on grass and uneven stones, he was happy to walk when you held his hand. Marley however was walking everywhere picking up sticks. At Vic's party, again he was walking all over. I lost him at one point, I assumed someone on our table had him. I walked round the room once and couldn't seem him, then on the second time I found him on a ladies knee, she explain how he walked across the bar to her grinning. There seems to be no stopping him now.

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