Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sunny Shine and Glass

We have sun shine at last. Making most of it and trying to get as much washing done as possible. I'm trying to get all James old clothes washed, iron and stored ready for when we move. I can't believe how small his things were.
Have put James tractor and track outside and left the back door open. He is happy outside playing on the patio (grass is too wet). hopefully in the new house he will be able to do this more often as there are patio door from the kitchen onto the garden and there will be no shrubs and rose bushes. I have been making some glass this morning, ready for this evening. I'm off to Hol's for tea and I'm going to her stain glass class to show them the microwave kiln. Bit nervous about it, I'm not an expert and a lot of what I do in the kiln is trial and error. I'm having a go at using some of my new glass with I got at the weekend. It looks good so far.

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