Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Job Hell

There is a job going at the school I worked in last year. So I have to apply. I hate filling application forms and writing personal statements and cover letters. I never know what to write and find it really difficult to big myself up. I'm having trouble sleeping because I worried that I won't get the job and panicing already about the interview. As soon as I went in to do supply after the holiday and everyone apart from the head told me about and asked f I was going to apply. Even the lovely caretaker asked me. So the pressure is on. And I will feel a right twit if I don't get it. I wont it so badly, the school is so nice and I get along so well with all the staff. I fact I'm going to the pub with them on Friday. That is the day of the interviews (thats if I get an interview). 


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Lokes said...

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