Friday, June 03, 2016

Answers at last.

Since Penny was a baby she has been blighted by health problems. Small niggling symptoms which come and go. I've been to and from the doctors a number of times for different reason with her, each time feeling like I was wasting the doctor time and they would think I was crazy over barring mother. The problem with our doctors is each time I go I see a different one, with a different problem and a few time I was dismissed with a wave of a hand. However, the last time I went it was because of a night hacking cough which Penny can't seem to get rid off. I happened to mention that she had skin scratches which wouldn't heal because of this the doctor realised the she has eczema and asthma because they go together. I also mentioned the fact that the health visitor thought she might be lactose intolerance as she couldn't tolerance formula when she was tiny. Apparently lactose intolerance is also linked to eczema and asthma. Result. So she not has potions, lotions and inhalers galore and fingers crossed they seem to be working. She cough has stopped therefore she is sleeping better and therefore much happier during the day therefore a happier and less tired mummy. Only downside is we are on a lactose free diet but that is not a problem.

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