Friday, June 03, 2016


The dreaded chicken pox has entered the Metcalf house hold. It started with James who got it from school. Thankfully it only seemed to wear him out rather than make him ill. So lots of cuddles and attention. We though Penny and Izzy has escaped it but 2 days ago we found a spot on Iz and yesterday on Penny. Izzy has it terribly, she is absolutely covered head to toe of red raw spots and blisters. I rang the doctors because it is so bad and they have given her some cream. She is so unhappy and sad at the moment, I feel so sorry for her. Penny is also feeling it, she is worn out but instead of sleeping she doesn't know what to do and melts down into a crying puddle. So lots of cuddles for her as well. Shame it has happened over half term, the only consolation is the weather has been rubbish so we haven't missed our days out. If anyone has any advice how to sooth Izzys spot I would be grateful. Thanks.

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