Friday, June 17, 2016

8 months

My little baby is getting more mobile by the day. In the last few weeks she has gone from a wobbly sitting position surrounded by cushions for protection to humping her bottom in a weird shuffle while sitting to get about to realising if she is sitting up and leans forward on to her tummy she can reach things. While she on her tummy she can spin herself round like a parashooter. I think it will only be days before she figures out that if she lifts her tummy up she will be able to crawl. I wonder if she will go backwards like her brother did.
Other news, Penny is back to her normal self, I think the chicken pox wore her out, hence the major tantrums. Luckily she is back to her fun loving self. Today she was mainly wearing her Skye from Paw Patrol costume. She acts like a dog and demands pats, flying and pup treats. She is a funny little thing.

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