Thursday, June 30, 2016

Funny Penny

Little things Penny says

What's up guys?

Bub bly = butterfly

I'm not monkey, I'm Penny.

I received a pair of shoes in the post. Penny was very excited to open one. The got a "WOW, there's two." As she opened the other one.

"James, wear Anne dress."
"Ohh, but it's lovely" stroking dress. "James wear Anna."
"But it's lovely, lovely."

Today she wanted Anna hair, after putting it into 2 little plaits, she popped on her Anna dress. I shown her herself I  the mirror. "I'm beautiful." Slightly narastic but complete correct.

"I love it" and "I don't love it"

"My foots got headache."

Penny doesn't do PE at nursery she calls it PE kits.

Because Penny doesn't like bangs. she wanted some ear gloves (ear muffs) for bonfire night.

Pennys brain has started talking to her. She keeps refering to it.

Me"Penny can yoi see the funny house?"
Penny "My brain talked to me and said yes"

Me"Penny would you like a drink."
Penny. "My brain says yes."

She also tell me her tummy says it is hungry.

I think it stems from reading James body book,

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