Thursday, March 17, 2016

Welcome the world

We are delighted to announce the birth of our third (and last) child. A beautiful daughter named Isobel (Izzie) May. Born on the 18th Oct 2015 at 1.30am, weighting a whopping 9.14lb. James, Penny and ourselves are absolutely besotted by her and she is happy, healthy and calm.

Despite being late as she was due on the 13th. when labour started she seemed to be in a great hurry. This is the story of her arrival.
After a month of being on edge because the midwife told us that she was ready and could be due at any time. I decided on the 17th that as a family we needed to get out of the house. The kids were grumpy and I was fed up of being fat. So we venture to the local soft play area to let off some stream. All day I was feeling odd and was having twinges, but this was nothing new as I had been having twinges for the last 6 weeks. However, these felt slightly different. I didn't tell John as he had been putting up with my false alarms for weeks. That evening I decided I would watch Bridget Jones diary. Typically (same happened with Penny) the night I didn't have an early night and sleep things started to happeen. The film finished at midnight, I went to the loo before bed and ping my waters broke. Told John and I rang the hospital, who told me I have better come in to be checked over.

12.10am Rang Dad to ask him to come and pick me up and drive us to the hospital. Told him not to rush as there was no hurry.

12.15am Rang Mum to come and babysit and told her not to rush and there was no hurry.

12.20am I text Katie as she moans she wasn't in the loop to tell her I was in labour.

12.21am Pain starts and I can't move from the bathroom.

12.22am In agony, can't move and contractions are really close together. Still on the toilet.

Things start to get hazy from here on. At some point John calls an ambulance. The person on the end tell him to move me from the toilet get on my back on the floor. Very slowly and by crawling a manage to get to our living room and on the rug.

1ish Dad arrives followed closely by mum. Dad hides in the kitchen. Mums holds my hand as John is still on the phone and having to keep checking if he can see the baby coming.

1.15am. Ambulance people arrive. Yay. There is no drugs (boo) only gas and air.

Anyway, she was born at 1.30 am on the 18th Oct. We had to go to the hospital o be checked over but was back home by 3pm that afternoon. Where we were promptly decended on by masses of family. I went to bed and left them too it.

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