Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Proud Parents.

On Friday we had a parents evening for James to see how he was settling in. Both me and John left the school with huge smiles on our faces. We could not be prouder of James how he is flourishing at school. To begin with he was a bit clingy when we would leave him, but within minutes he would be fine and happily playing. For the last week we have been leaving him in the playground so he has to go into the classroom himself. With a little help with a sticker chart at home this has been fuss free and yesterday John barely got a kiss before he was running off.
His teacher is also very pleased. She says she can tell we do a lot with him as his conversation and explanations are excellent. He is always interested in learning and will stop what he is playing to go and do group work. He participates in group work and has started to put his hand up and join in class discussions.
Last week he took in some shells we had picked up at the seaside and he was able to stand at the front of the class and show and describe them. The teacher even changes her afternoon planning so the whole class looked, draw and played with the shells as the children were all interested in them.
He has even volunteered to say a line at the harvest festival, which we were really surprised at as he can be a little timid to begin with until he has found his bearings. Overall we are so chuffed at how he is getting on.
Penny is also making progress at nursery, she is still a little upset at being left. However, when we pick her up she is all smiles and has had a good morning singing, playing in the sand or on the bikes.

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