Sunday, July 10, 2016

Loving the allotment

So after a few days of not keeping up with the lottie, we all, including Iz who slept through the whole thing, desended on the alloment to venture war on the weeds. 2 hours later we manged to clear half of it. The kids had picked everything that was ready and eaten about half of it before we got home. They loved it, they found raspberries, peas, spring onions, the last of the strawberries, beetroot,  blackcurrants and lettuces. The excited of digging and finding potatoes. All of us were rooting looking for them. I'm surprised anything grows as the kids trample everything and John pulled up all the swedes thinking they were weeds. I love it.
Spend the rest of the afternoon freezing peas, boiling beetroots to make beetroot and brie pie, and making potato salad. Yummy.
Other news Iz is now crawling around, looking in drawers and generally being nosey. She is even trying to stand but can only get one leg up. Tonight she had a tooth peeping thought. My little girls gummy smile of going.

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