Monday, June 23, 2014

Naughty Lazy Blogger

I've been an appalling blogger recently, we have just been so busy. Lots of lovely days out, 2 fab holidays, my birthday and enjoying the glorious weather. Where to start to catch up. Hummmmm

Holiday number 1.
Me and the kids were invited to join dad in his caravan for a few days during half term. The other half was busy getting caught up with work so was able to come.
We headed to Cromer, which is a place and adore as we went there every holiday as a child.
The first was fantastic sunny day, so after setting up the caravan we headed to Cromer. James enjoyed digging in the stones (no sand there) he was very brave and dipped about half a toe jn the water. We were there a while until there was hardly any beach left. One of the things I've alway, always wanted to do was eat Cromer crab. It was delicious, defiantly going to eat it again.
The next day, unfortunately the heavens opened. Dad wanted to visit the new Davenport Magic place. This was a lot better than I expected. The show at the end was amazing and leaves you wondering how it was done. That evening we visted the circus. The kids loved it, James liked the man being fired out a cannon. Penny was completely mesmerised by the whole thing. Dad got them both light up sticks to play with.
The follow day it was still lousy weather so headed to Wroxham. After MacDonalds and a visit to the toy shop, where James got a combined and Penny got a musical mic, we have a trip on the broads. It was really nice and relaxing, we got the paddle steamer boat. James enjoyed going up top and pretending to drive. After that we had to make a trip to Joyland in Yarmouth, followed by a dig in the sand.
Had a brill time. Thanks Dad.

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