Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holidays are over.

I had a fantastic Holiday.
We went to the Scottish highlands near Pitlochry. Had an ace time. Saw a really large hedge, an old tree and a fish ladder. We also walked up to the top of Ben Nevis. I wasn't planning on going only Katie, John and Vic were but I thought I would give it a go as they are I could always turn round. But I went all the way. And even though it was a sunny day there was six foot of snow at the top. It was heck of a walk and it did take us 10.5 hours. We were one of the first on it in the morning and the last to leave. And it isn't like Snowdon there is no cafe halfway up or a restaurant at the top, not a tacky souvenir in sight. I ached for days afterwards. These pictures are from there. Also did some high wire stuff which wasn't really very high scared me and my arms hurt from clinging on for dear life.
Worst part is coming home. I want to go back. Already planning where we are going next.
Sam x

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Anonymous said...

your pics of ben nevis are great sam will see you soon hol