Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy Busy Busy


I love this part where you are now organising to get ready working out what clothes to take and thinking Are 6 pairs of shoes really too many? and Is there any likelihood of going clubbing even though it is in the middle of nowhere? Should I take my going out shoes? Should I take my make up? How many pairs of trousers should I take? At the moment I'm up to seven and considering I'm only going for seven (No make that eight pairs) days will I wear them all. I tend to find when I'm on holiday I'm live in the same comfy pair anyway.

I have looking it up on the map we are in fact in the middle of nowhere this is not an exaggeration. We are four (FOUR) miles from the nearest pub and this is as the crow flies, it is cross country and through forests to get there. Don't get me wrong I love to drink in pubs but I'm not sure four miles is worth it.. I have brought a hip flask to keep me going during the walk but it only holds about two mouth fulls Think I will have to take the bottle with me. Vic has brought two florescent jackets one for the person in front and one behind. I have a pantomine image that we are going to get scare off one by one until there is me left. I don't like walking in the dark, in fact I'm not a great fan of walking at all. But in the dark I imagine thing which are not there and people hiding ready the get me. I always hope they will get someone else instead. I'm one of these people who sees dead people (not like the TV programme or sixth sense) but I always think that if it is dark and thing are creepyer in the dark I think I am going to come across a dead person (as in a corpse).
Anyway enought of me ranting.
Sam X

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John said...

6 pairs of shoes is way too many! 4 is plenty - and that's including walking boots and aqua shoes.