Friday, April 27, 2007


I've got two weeks full time in school. In two different schools. I have started a one day a week job in a local village school and as well as that I've got two weeks supply either where. Both school are really nice, the kids and the teachers.
Started to make Grapefruit wine yesterday. Managed to grate a finger in it

Have got everyone at our house tonight. Dad, Alice, Me, John, Colleen, Peter and Grandma and Whisky. going to play games and chill out with a few bottles.
Me and John have been together seven years today. How weird it that!!! Hopefully we are going to go away tomorrow.

Going to go now.
Sam X

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Roz said...

Hey congrats on the two weeks work.
and congrats on the seven year 'anniversary'. Will email u soon.