Thursday, May 10, 2007

A good day

I've have a lovely day today. The kids have been super which makes thing a lot easier.
This week has gone so quickly. I think it is because I've only been working four days.
Going to the school fate on Sunday. The dreaded maypole dancing. At the last rehersal we all ended up as one big knot. It took ages to unravel. Plus the pole is a bit unstable and keep falling down. This don't bode well at the moment. Lets hope it rains.
We did an experiment in Science growing cress but over the bank holiday no one watered it and I wasn' t in on the Tuesday so it has passed away and we have to start again. I'm not very good with keeping thing alive. I think went I have a flat of my own I will buy plastic ones. You get apparently buy plastic box hedges for your garden now so you don't have to keep watering and trimming them and plastic daffs. Due to the hot weather the Daffs were out earlier and a local tea shop stuck plastic ones in the lawn.

Anyway got to go.

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