Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Catching up

I hadn't realised that I haven't posted anything for two weeks. So this is a quick recap.
I have been very busy working. For the last month I have been in a lovely little school and have really enjoyed it. But that is over now thought I do have a day there tomorrow and in June. The requested me!!!
Next week is half term. I'm going away this next weekend not sure where or what in, as I have lent my tent to Col and Peter. I have a small rubbish tent but have also given Col and Peter all the tent pegs for it. Whoops.
Have just been hoeing Sugar beef to help Dad. We are now going to go to the golf range and hit a few balls.
See you soon.
Holly, Ben , Col and Peter all of you have a lovely holiday.
Katie nice to see you back at home.
Sam. X

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ben's not going on holls
do you fancy coming my way on the 8th june for some merryment i've asked vick and was going to ask nick