Monday, May 28, 2007


Decided to go away to Yorkshire again this weekend. The weather had been so nice before but as soon as we set off on Friday it started to rain. Luckily it stopped Friday night and we put up the tent. Had to borrow Katies as mine is currently been used.
On Saturday we went to Sedburgh and then looked at some waterfalls. On we climbed from the bottom on boulders up to it. We then went to Appleby. We had seen some of the Gypsy wagons on the side of the road and I wondered it they were at Appleby but unfortunatly I was two weeks early for the horse fair.
On Sunday it rained so we stayed in the tent as long as we could. It dried up enough to pack up. First we went to Bolton Abbey but as they were charging £5:50 for car park we didn't stop. Further down we stopped at How Stean Gorge. With in really pretty. There are some caves there which John went in and a stream which John fell in and a cafe which I went in out of the rain. We then went to Brimham rocks which are very random and quite spectacular.
So despite the weather a good weekend.
Sam X

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