Friday, May 23, 2014

Steak and stuffed mushroom dinner for 2 and three quarters. £4.00

Todays dinner is one I have been looking forward to for ages. A few weeks ago our local Co-op fridges had a melt down, resulting in lots of lovely meat and fish reduced. Unfortunately, when I went there was hardly anything left but I did get my hands on 2 steaks for £1.51, 2 chicken escoples 97p and masses of salmon for £3.12. This was all seperated up and bunged into our frezzer.
Yesterday while shopping in Asda in the bargin bin was stuffed mushrooms 42p and roasted veg 41p.
So for dinner today John and I had steak with stuffed mushrooms, roasted veg, tinned peas, and left over veg of baby sweetcorn, mushrooms and mangetout. The kids had the same but a fish finger instead of steak, though James ate a load of my steak. He is getting rather expensive taste.

Steak £1.51
2 packs of stuffed mushrooms 84p
Roast veg 41p
Tinned peas 35p
2 fish fingers 20p
Left over veg 69p

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