Friday, May 16, 2014

Tesco Clubcard Boost Sale

A few days ago Tesco emailed to announce that they are having a Tesco Clubcard Sale. This means for every £2 worth of point you have, you receive £10 voucher to use at a number of places around the UK.
This is fantastic for us, it means two great days out while we are holiday. Making our pennies go even further. There are a few things to watch out for.
Unlike the normal Tesco Boost, where you receive a person entrance fee, these are vouchers discounting £10 off your entrance fee. For example, we are heading to Wookey Hole in August,  price per person is £18. I have order £4 worth of points, equalling £20 in vouchers. As far as know there is no change given back. There is also a limited number of places doing this offer, Legoland is not on it.
This morning in the post I received £60 worth of vouchers for our trip to Wookey Hole. The vouchers do not have the name of the attraction on them so you can use them any place which is in the sale offer. As normal you have to use them within 6 months.
Definitely worth a look to see if there are any attractions near you.

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