Friday, May 09, 2014

Watching the pennies.

One month in after our decision to write down each penny spent on our grocery shopping  and the amount is some what staggering. We decided in include nappies, formula and meals out.
In the last four weeks we have spend nearly £500, which is nearly double our estimate. As a result we are looking for ways to cut back. Not sure yet how, but things need to change. We rarely throw food away, so everything we do spend is consumed. Fresh fruit and veg have a big impact on our bill, however, I'm reluctant to reduce these as because of the childrens heath benefits. I think I now need to start to implement a meal planner and combined meat and veg meal with cheaper pasta and rice meals. I also think James might have to find an alternative to his prawn addiction.  Prehaps I can convince him scampi is the same thing.

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