Monday, May 05, 2014

Diggerland Yorkshire.

Wow, just WOW. I'm so impressed by this place. Where else could a 3 year old digger mad boy have control of real state of the art diggers. We had a brilliant day there yesterday. Everyone enjoyed it. James didn't stop running. As soon as he got off one digger he was racing to the next. Even stopping for a drink was hassle. Grandad couldn't get his head around the money and waste of good diggers but he too enjoyed it. James wanted to go with Grandad everytime which was nice.
It helped that the weather was warm. Despite being a bank holiday the place was nearly empty. There was no queues, which meant who ever looked after Penny didn't have long to wait before they got a go. James, who was just over 90cm was alllowed to go on almost anything, though offen with a adult to help him steer. He would not have liked the fast spinning one or roundabout. The only one he would have liked to go on was the little cars. He says his favourite was digging a big hole and hooking ducks with a digger. He also dug for treasure (bricks in stones), knovked down skittles with a little knocking ball, drove a bobcat, rode in a big digger with a backhoe, drove a little tractor (he snook onto this as he was just under the height restriction), and drove a dumper truck. I was spun round like a loon and shook up in a digger bucket, I also had a go at driving a digger a go kart and had a go on the roundabout. As well as all that there was a huge indoor play area and small bouncy castle.
Afterward we had a meal at a local pub, both James and Penny quickly fell asleep in the car home. He revived himself once home long enough to have a hot chocolate and say goodbye to Grandad.

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