Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healthy dinner for £3.01.

On my strive to cut down our spending, but not our healthy eating, todays dinner costs just £3.08 for us all. Crispy veggie fajtas (with left over ham), cous cous (Aldi's own just add water stuff) and potato salad.

Salad potatoes third of a pack 20p
1 pepper 33p
Half a pack of fajtas 40p
Handful of cheese 40p
Left over ham £1.00
1 courgette 33p
Half pac of cous cous 20p
Spoonful of tinned sweetcorn 15p

Other stuff
Chives (homegrown)
Lasy garlic

To make crispy fajtas.
Fry in little bit of oil
Pepper, sweetcorn and courgette (diced).
Take out of the pan. Put in fajta in frying let crispen. Add pepper mix, cheese and ham. Fold fajta in half and continue to cook. Take out and cut in half.

Potato salad.
Boil potatoes
Drain, add spoonful of mayo, salt, garlic and chives. Mix together.

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