Saturday, May 10, 2014

Belton and picnic in the rain.

We are really supassing ourselves in the effort to get the most out if our newly aquired National Trust membership. Despite the dodgy looking grey sky we decided to head out to Belton house for a picnic and a play in their new play and ride cafe and their outdoor play area. Halfway there and a few spots of rain appeared, by the time we arrived in was a complete downpour. James was rather reluctant to eat his picnic in the car so we headed out to the play cafe instead. As with most of these places you can not eat your own food on the premises. So I opted for a large pot of tea while James had a play. The indoor play area was a little too big for James and he struggled to get round some parts which meant one of us had to follow him round and over the painful cargo nets.
John wanted to head over to look at the secondhand books which were housed in the stables. The rain eased off slightly so we decided to deck James in his puddle suit and venture out. We didn't venture too far like we were planning to. We managed to find a huge tree with a bench round it which was dry enough to munch our picnic. James was happy as he thought we were in the woods.
Being as we were drenched anyway we wandered to the rather impressive outdoor play area. James looked this. There was a little bulldozer on a spring which he loved. We also discover that his puddled suit and a rather wet slide are not a good mix and he flew down the slide scaring himself and me who completely missed catching him. He has now gotover his fear of tunnel slides and was quite happy whizzing round them. We had the entire place to ourselves probably due to the rain. On the way back James happily stomped and splashed in every puddle he could find. We stripped him down at the car, warmed him up. When we gog home everyone changed into PJs and the kids went for a nap.

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