Monday, May 12, 2014

Kew Gardens

Last weekend Mum, the kids and I visited Katie in London for the weekend. We decided to visited Kew gardens, I've alway fancied going and James would enjoy the space to run round. We were really lucky with the weather and managed to dodge most of the showers.
I didn't realise that Kew Gardens had a palace which was a home of George 3rd his wife and 15 children. I would have been nice to look at the palace for longer but James was longing to go outside he isn't keen on stuff houses.
Kew was lovely. Unfortunately,  we didn't have time to see it all. Mum and Katie viewed the Japanese garden which I would have liked to look at, but by this time James was flagging and wouldn't have made the walk back. I woukd have also like to gave gone on the tree top walk and viewed the kitchen gardens.
We did manage to go round the palm tree glass house which was very impressive. You are able to walk around the top of it and look down. At the bottom was a display of water habitats. There was a bit of an outdoor play area but James bumped his head and it put him off. The indoor creeper area was nice for the kids. Penny was able to gave a good crawl round, she enjoyed the fake sandpit and spinning things. James found a round shed with steps up which he made into an office.
Now sure I would go back as there are many large parks in London which are free to go round. Kew cost £15 per person so not cheap. We did manage to find a 2 for 1 in the Gardens World magazine which helped. Tbe food there was also very pricey so if we do go back I think we need to take a picnic.
On Sunday we visited Katies allotment and gave her a hand sorting it out. She has a huge bit of land but it has been left and is full of rubbish. She has made a few beds and got onions, garlic and potatos growing. I quite enjoyed it and fancy getting one my self. After all the hard work we treated ourselves to a huge Sunday dinner. It was lovely. I was very impressed the waitress commented on how well behaved my two were. Then we headed back home. James and Penny slept most of the way so it was a easy drive back.

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