Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

I'm still limping around. Going to make some more Jewellery today. Made loads for Christmas presents for people, I'm just hoping that they don't all fall apart otherwise they know who to blame. I have also re-read all of my odd blog post and I'm surprised to find what a moaner I am. I always thought I was a cheerful people, perhaps not. I started off in 2006 and it was quite funny, than as time went on I've justed it as a place to rant. How sad. Look what I'm doing now I'm ranting about how much of a moaner I am. Going to try and change that this year.

Did you know that the patron saint of England up until 1600 was Edward the Confessor (first built Westminster abbey) but the Tudors changed it to George, who wasn't even English. I'm learning about Kings and Queens for a topic I have to teach. It is really interesting. Going to do the Battle of Hasting on Wednesday and made a version of the Bayeux Tapestry. How cool is that?

Will put photos of the jewellery up again when it is made. Was buying more beads yesterday I really am going to have to stop myself.

Sam x

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