Friday, January 15, 2010

I have hurt my leg.


Somehow I've managed to hurt my leg by walking WALKING!!! Ping.
Feels a little better today, but I was in lots of pain yesterday. I was at school and we were walking down to the local church to see some drumming went the me calf went odd and all of a sudden I was in lots of pain. Managed to walk the rest of the way to the church, thought if I rested it I would be ok to walk back WRONG!!. I was asked to do some drumming but found I couldn't stand up. Cried in front of all the children, and the head had to pick me up from the church and take me back to school. How pathetic? Didn't want to cause too much hassle so finished teaching by limping around the classroom and moving from chair to chair (not easy when the chairs are built for tiny people). I also had to ring my Dad to come and get me because I couldn't drive home. Spent today limping round. Though I have managed to make some more pretty jewellery.

Sam x

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