Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm back


Sorry it has been so long since I have written anything. I have been on holiday to Wales. I have a fantastic time.

We camped at a place called Llangorse in the Breacon Brecons at a lovely campsite called lakeside caravan park. It had a nice pub and cafe and a little shop only dissappointment was that you have to pay 20p for a shower!!!

We did go zorbing in the end there was a mix up with our booking. I think it was my mistake. The morning we were meant to go I took out all the paper work and tickets and looked it up on the map to see how to get there. Only problem was when I found the zorbing site on the map in was in a different country. Scotland!!! So was have changed due booking and are going next year. Another chance to go on Hoilday.

No one was dissappointed as we did loads of other stuff. I will write aboutit next time.

Bye X


Heather said...

Hey I like the photo. All I remember about Wales is that there were lots of sheep...

Sam said...

Yes there were loads of sheep and pigeons!! We went mountian boarding in a sheep field, which was fine until you fell off.