Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Happy Birthday Hol.

I'm unemployed today. We working yesterday in a local school. The morning was lovely but I don't know what they gave them for lunch because they turn into screaming monsters in the afternoon. All I wanted to do we to hid in the cupboard or better still put all the children into the cupboard and let them fight it out.

It is snowing here. Don't really like to snow, sure it is pretty and makes even the crappest council estate like good. But I hate driving, walking and just generally being outside in the snow. But sure enough even year it snows I have to make the obligertre snowman and take a walk in it and take some lovely snowy pictures. I think if I resigned myself to sitting inside with a coffee (Not hot chocolate because that means your old) and watching the snow (for about 2 minutes because lets face it watching falling snow is about as most fun as cleaning the goldfish tank. It is some thing that needs to be done.) it means I'm getting old and cranky because only the young and crazy enjoy getting so wet and cold and you can't feel your arms and legs.

Right I'm going to take the rubbish out. This way at least I can say I've been outside in the snow and took a walk.

Sam X


Kate said...

wow you still have my roola blades thats fantastic don't chuck them out i'll take them back with me. xx

Kate said...

Happy birthday Holly xxxx