Monday, August 13, 2007


Have have to go and sign on today. I hate going to the job centre it is like a living hell. And I don't mean to offend anyone but you get some weird freaks in there.
All is weel at the moment. Last night we went to a pub quiz. After 4 year of uni, year of collage, 2 sixth form, 4 secondary school and 7 primary school our term (me and Vic) came...........wait of it.............wait for it...............wait for it............wait for it. LAST!!!!!!!
WE didn't even get the question. What colour is the Simpsons car right!!!!! How dense. We also have the Incas from Denmark. and Johos meeting on the front doorstep.
Sam x


Anonymous said...

don't know about the car, the others are Peru and Kingdom Hall.

You should have invited me :P

Anonymous said...

purple i think

zichi said...

I'm from the UK but I've been living in Japan since 1994. This has changed my views about
many things including the social welfare system. Here, there is no welfare system. I've had many
periods of "signing on" but now I see what a very negative trap that whole story is. You'll probably not agree with me, but the first thing to do is get a job, any job because that's a lot more positive than signing on. But you want to be a teacher! You can still do that but taking a job will have a more positive affect, and any work or life experience is good for all teachers. About 20 years ago a Japanese friend (female) living in London had just divorced and was penny-less, and with two children, rather than "signing on" she got a job in a Japanese Banking company in the city. She was a toilet attendant. I'm not suggesting that you do that. By being "in the company" she was able to see what what vacancies became available....Anyway, further down the line, my Japanese friend is now the president of that London Branch, which if you know anything about Japanese companies, is almost impossible for a woman. Sign off and leap into the mouth of the dragon knowing all your dreams will become true. Good hunting!