Friday, January 04, 2008


Had visitors today. 12 O'clock I was in bed having a lay in reading a really bad book. There is a knock on the door. Ignored it. Knocked again. Grabbed my really short dressing gown. Couldn't find my keys. Open the door, who is it? JoHo's!. Great so there I am in my dressing gown. Like an idiot I asked if they have a nice Christmas. Whoops! There wouldn't go away. Apparently John talked to them before Christmas and they thought they would visit afterwards. Great.


Anonymous said...

invite them back when you know you'll be out and john will be in lol

Beanie said...

Hey..just stumbled thru ur blog....Do you write everyday..I have been trying to do that...but...its impossible for me to jot donwn even a single line each day.

Keep it going.