Thursday, January 15, 2009

All gone

Why is it as soon as it hits the 6th January and the Christmas decoration are removed, that everyone instantly forgets Christmas. all the hype up to it, the shopping, seeing people you don't really like, writing Christmas cards to people you haven't seen in three years, the decorations and cooking. Then it is over and done with in a matter of a day (two if you are luckly like me). It seems so sad.
I haven't made a New years resolution. I'm no good at keeping things like that. There are many things that would make me a better person. Listening to people instead of talking over them, tidier, dress smarter and do more actie things. But then that would be me. Because I am a lazy, untidy, scruffy loud mouth (only when I'm with people I know otherwise I'm quite shy). 
Good news is I got my amazon money back so relieved because quite poor after Christmas and with not working over the holidays. I have got 2 days a week every week this term, whihc is great. 

Sam x

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