Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jewellery and tyres.

It is going to be a rather expensive week for me this week. I needed 3 new tyres and my MOT is due. But on the plus side I have my first proper fete this weekend on Saturday. It is nothing to do with craft shows, but a local high school fete. I'm hoping there will be no other jewellery stalls just me. I'm also trying out different thing. Because I can have a gazebo, it means I have more space. So have been experimenting with candles and lucky dips and make your own earrings. Hopefully will make a bit of money, not sure it will cover the cost of tyres and MOT though.
Also trying to think of some idea what to do for my birthday. It is my big 30 and want it to be special. I would like to go camping. Though not sure whether to do campsite with swimming pool or back to natural campsite. Oddly they both cost the same amount.

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