Sunday, February 03, 2013


This has to one of the cutest photos of James. We are all loving our new house and the village we live in. John is getting someone in to do the garage as an office next week. Fingers cross it should done in 2 weeks leaving enough time for us to decorate James' new bedroom and get him settled in a big boys bed.
Pregnancy is going well. Baby is constantly kicking me, having restless night now and also a problem moving think it might be something called SPD but I need to see the midwife and ask her about it. James' birthday is coming up. We have arranged a small party at kids world in Skegness. I'm just debating whether to make or buy a birthday cake. Thinking of doing a Thomas one but Marley is having a Thomas themed party on the Saturday before, so I might do something different.
Holly and I have booked to go and see Rocky Horror in March. I would normally dress up, but I will be 8 months pregnant and not sure I can get away with corset and stockings. X

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