Monday, September 07, 2015

Penny's first day at nursery.

Another first in our family this morning. Penny had her first day at nursery. As we both wanted to see her off we dropped James off at school. He went in a lot better this morning, still clingy but giggling with it rather than lots of tears. As normal there was a bottleneck of parents trying to sort their children out, tackling bags, book bags, indoor shoes and coats, myself included. As a result we were 15mins late to nursery,  whoops, nog the ideal start. Anyway, after a quick kiss and cuddle she toddled in with out looking back.
With a child free morning I decided to treat myself to a book and a cream tea in the village. Knickers to the housework.
On pick Pen up, she had had a few teary moments when she had realised that we weren't there. But she said she enjoyed it and played with trains. I think she will be ok when she gets use to it.

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