Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A productive day.

Following on from this morning post. I dug and tidied the allotment for 40mins. Quite enjoyed it. I have cleaned the nasty, scummy grime in the washing machine and dishwasher. Cleaned the floor and baked chocolate cakes.

We have stopped Izzy bottle at night. She justs it to help her sleep, like a dummy. The last 2 nights we have given her milk before bed and nap. This is in the hope she starts to self soothe, as we are getting up to her twice a night and she is having more milk to settle, then she is leaking through her nappy.
The first night she wouldn't settle so I stayed in her room to comfort her, took ages. She would cry if I left her. Last night, she chuntered to herself and was a little grizzly but slept without me in the room. For her nap today she has gone striaight to sleep. Fingers crossed for tonight.

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