Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Christmas 2018

Penny was up at 3.45am luckily there was a slight nod to the fact Santa had been (she didn't bring her stocking in) then snuggle sleepily in between us. Which meant I go no sleep for the rest of the night.
James pops up with an excited "Santa been". Bit dismayed at us shushing him as Penny was still asleep. 10mins later they are both ripping paper off. Katie popped in to join us (quite a bed full).
They woke Izzy at 7 to open hers. She has yet to understand the Father Christmas leaves presents but she certainly know who Father Christmas is. 
Then flying downstairs to a mass of presents. 
James - Nexo lego, Minecraft toys and books and a tablet.
Penny - large Barbie house, mermaid and fancy dress.
Izzy - Ice cream cart, Peppa pig and robots.
Mummy - coffee machine, handbag and gin.
Daddy - London trip, blanket and books
Katie - dress, and tools
Rod - truffle food and tools

Katie and Rod went home and we headed for Christmas dinner at the Red Lion. It was yummy. Poor Grandad didn't get a look in at his cheese board though.

Afternoon more presents and games. 
A busy day but very enjoyable. 
Boxing day we headed to John dads. For tea and more gifts. Then John mums on the 28th. FoLlowes by a party on New Years day with Hol and Vic and families. Lastly Col and Marley. 
Now the decorations are away and the last of the food is being munched. Today the kids and me went back to school. It is all over too quickly. 

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