Monday, July 31, 2006

Squeezing Brandy.

I'm really disappointed that no one has commented or possibly even looked at this page. Please talk to me.

I've been squeezing brandy this evening. A friend made some Bramble Brandy. I have been experimenting with other fruit. The only problem is it takes three weeks to make and I'm really impatience. Every time I go and shake it I have to have a little sip. There isn't much left but it taste really good. Just having one now as a night cap.

Sam x


Bloggers Home Page said...

Hi Sam, welcome to Bloggers Home Page. I mentioned your blog in our blog so hopefully you will get some visitors and comments. These are very early days yet so keep posting!

jo said...

Hi. Do you have a recipe. Which fruits did you try?

Sam said...

Thank for your comment. I will put the recipe on the blog.
Thank you