Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Went shopping today. August is a month full of birthdays. I'm stuggling to find people prezzies. Struggled even more not to buy myself two pairs of shoes from Clarks and a pair of jeans from Next.

Anyone got any ideas or unusual suggestions of what to get people. They were going to get flavoured Brandy but it seems to have disappeared!

  1. Col, sister who will be 22. Likes reading childrens books and the classics. She has also just bought a camper van named DOM?
  2. Katie, sister who will be 21. She's just odd!
  3. John who will be 32. Likes caving, camping and computers. Men are always awkward to buy for.
Please help, or they'll all end up with socks!

Have to go. I'm having to cook tonight. I'm a terrible cook. I once fried gammon in lime juice thinking it was oil?

Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god the only mention on your blog i get and it is "she's just odd" *sniff sniff*, got your letter and loving your site i'm on my space but io'm having trouble getting some pics so it's a bit boring at the mo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx