Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Railway Children.


It was Johns birthday on the Thursday I managed to get him some caving books, toffee, socks, razors, thing which you fly around your head. I ordered some of the things off the internet. It was a bit disappointing. One of the caving books that I got him was of Dan o goff cave in Wales. I thought we would go there on holiday. As I started to read it I realised that we have all ready been. Him seen quite pleased with them though.

As a part of his birthday me, my sister, her boyfriend and John decided to go to an outdoor production of the railway children at Oxburgh Hall. We thought we would make a day of it and go into Thetford forest to look around. It was a lovely summer day and me and Dasiy were in our summer clothes. Have a lovely time.

As soon as we got to Oxburgh hall it started to split with rain. But we were prepared! Have been to an outdoor theatre before. I got changed in to trousers and put in warm winter coat on.

The first half was fantastic. Then the heavens opened. Quickly! I managed to put on the rest of the clothing which I had brought, a fleece and a rain coat. I had also brought two blankets and a water proof rug. We wore it all. I had two hats on as well.

Then John had a brain wave, he have seen some umbrellas in the lost property and he dashed out and nabbed them. We were snug as a bug in a rug. Lovely.

I felt sorry for the actors on stage in their films costumes and trying the talk above the rain. It got so bad that they were thinking of calling the whole thing off.

But the show must go on and it did. In a disused marquee and the hall grounds. All of us trooped in there. The actors continued without proper lighting, sound effects and mics.

The whole thing was brilliant and total crazy and British. The actors got an amazing cheer at the end for all they hard work.

Sam x

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